June 12, 2014  //  Infographics

Check out our latest infographic, based on our report about Walgreens' potential move of its headquarters offshore to avoid U.S. taxes. Then share it with your friends over social media.

June 11, 2014  //  Reports

Walgreens, our country’s biggest pharmacy chain, is trying to dodge paying its fair share of taxes. It may soon shift its corporate address from Illinois to Switzerland, a tax haven.

Our new report, co-authored by Change to Win Retail Initiatives, explores Walgreens’ potential tax avoidance scheme and the impact it would have.

June 4, 2014  //  Infographics

This new infographic shows how long-time Walmart CEO Michael Duke's salary and lifestyle compare to those of a typical worker. Walmart received $40 million in tax breaks for Duke's bonuses. Check it out, and share it on.

June 4, 2014  //  Reports

Thanks to a tax loophole, Walmart reduced its tax bill by $104 million between 2009 and 2014 by deducting the bonuses of its CEOs and executives -- sticking the rest of us with the tab.

This report by the Institute for Policy Studies and Americans for Tax Fairness delves into Walmart's exploitation of the loophole for "performance-based" executive pay and how much it has cost our country.